• 12V10A 20A MPPT solar charge controller
  • 12V10A 20A MPPT solar charge controller
  • 12V10A 20A MPPT solar charge controller
  • 12V10A 20A MPPT solar charge controller

12V10A 20A MPPT solar charge controller

Main features:

1.Advanced multi-phase synchronous rectification technology also has high conversion efficiency in low
power charging environment.
2. An ultra-wide PV array operating voltage range.
3. Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology with the tracking efficiency at more than 99.5%, 
compared to the ordinary PWM algorithm, the efficiency increased by 15% to 20%.
4.Using high- quality imported components advanced power conversion circuit, the maximum conversion 
efficiency can reach over 98%, the full load efficiency can reach 97%, and avariety of tracking 
algorithms can be combined to quickly track the maximum power point.
5.Three-stage charging method:MPPT-liftingcharging-floating.
6.12V/24V/48V battery system automatic identification function.
7. RS485 communication can provide communication protocol to facilitate unified management and secondary 
development for customers.
8. Available for PC host computer and mobile phone APP for checking and setting the working parameters, 
which could be referred to the host computer and APP manual(optional).
9. Battery temperature compensation.
10. Comprehensive protections for overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, overload, and reverse 

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YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图1)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图2)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图3)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图4)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图5)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图6)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图7)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图8)


YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图10)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图11)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图12)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图13)

YN-CA MPPT solar charge controller(图14)

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